Custom Surgical's Mission to Democratize Access to Healthcare

04 October 2023
Custom Surgical's Mission to Democratize Access to Healthcare

Access to quality healthcare is a fundamental right that should be available to everyone, despite their location or financial status. However, in many developing countries, and even for young surgeons starting their practice, accessing quality healthcare remains a significant challenge due to the high cost and limited availability of medical equipment and technology. In this article, we will explore how Custom Surgical democratizes healthcare access through innovation and affordability.

Challenges in Developing Countries

Developing countries face two primary challenges in their healthcare systems. First, the limited availability of diagnostic tools and a shortage of trained specialists. This leads to the centralization of specialists and technology in major cities, leaving rural areas and smaller towns underserved. The second challenge is the constrained budget for medical treatment. While patient safety is essential, the development of single-use tools and consumables generates excessive pollution and increases the overall cost of medical procedures, making them less accessible to the population.

Custom Surgical's Contribution to Healthcare Democratization

Custom Surgical focuses on increasing diagnostic coverage by offering affordable medical technology and telemedicine applications like MicroREC and the MicroREC App. These technologies enable telemedicine, online medical education, and remote consultations and surgeries, bridging the gap between specialists in urban centers and patients in rural areas. By simultaneously diagnosing patients in various locations, the number of specialists available at any given time multiplies, enhancing healthcare accessibility.

We take pride in supporting doctors during their missions to underserved regions, where they both educate fellow specialists and provide essential healthcare to patients with limited access. Jenny Ongkosuwito, a Dutch ophthalmologist, recently utilized the MicroREC optical system during an expedition to Kenya, enhancing surgical education between Dutch and Kenyan doctors. Overcoming challenges posed by excessive light in the operating room, they improvised by covering windows with trash bags to ensure successful surgeries. Dr. Ongkosuwito’s team introduced advanced surgical techniques and equipment and MicroREC played a pivotal role in recording and sharing the procedures, enabling remote learning and collaboration between doctors worldwide. The expedition highlights the potential of technology to bridge medical knowledge gaps and improve healthcare in developing countries.

MicroREC recoridng2
Dr. Jenny Ongkosuwito performing surgery in Kenya

Custom Surgical has also supported the Eye Camp mission in Uganda in 2023 by supplying the MicroREC optical system for this important endeavor. This support allowed the mission in Uganda to leverage the benefits of technology, similar to Jenny Ongkosuwito’s efforts in Kenya, enhancing the educational component of the Eye Camp and facilitating the recording and sharing of vital surgical procedures. Custom Surgical’s plans to stay consistent in its commitment to such missions and ongoing efforts to improve healthcare in underserved regions around the world.

For individuals who are inspired by these missions and wish to contribute to similar initiatives, there are opportunities to donate and make a meaningful impact in improving healthcare access and education in underserved regions. Your support can help empower medical professionals and enhance the quality of care for communities in need.

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