Recording Live Surgeries with Dr. Duval M.Carvalho Jr.

03 May 2023
Recording Live Surgeries with Dr. Duval M.Carvalho Jr.

Recording Live Surgeries with Dr. Duval M.Carvalho, Jr.

We had a chance to sit down with  Dr. Duval M. Carvalho Jr., President of the Brazilian Association of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (BRASCRS), to learn how he uses MicroREC for live surgeries and assisting during wet labs.

The live surgery at Imersão Presbiopia was the first simultaneous live surgery at a conference in Brazil. Where did this idea come from?

I was looking for something to share all the surgeries at the same time from different hospitals and operating rooms. I learned about the MicroREC at the BRASCRS convention last year and was very impressed. Using the MicroREC, we watched and recorded over 20 intraocular lens surgeries, all happening at the same time. It was wonderful - we could watch through the lens, see the zoom, and show the details of each procedure. Everyone enjoyed this innovative format, and it enhanced the learning experience.

First simultaneously live surgery in ophthalmologist in Brazil
Imersão Presbiopia's conference during the live surgeries transmitted with MicroREC

How and why do you record surgeries in your own work?

I use the MicroREC at the hospital and operating room for recording live surgeries and sharing them online. It’s great for recording on the microscope and the slit lamp and all you need is a smartphone. MicroREC benefits us in so many ways. The system allows us to record multiple views of the surgery and the surrounding environment, so we capture what is happening during the procedure, the maneuvers of our hands with the instruments, the systems, and the operating theatre.

How does BRASCRS plan to stay at the forefront of surgical education and training?

At the next BRASCS meeting, we’re planning an innovative teaching session using the MicroREC system in a wet lab where a surgeon will coach the other surgeons using artificial eyes.

Dr. Gilberto Shimoda, ophthalmologist doing a wet lab at Imersão Presbiopia
Dr. Gilberto Shimoda teaching in a wet lab using MicroREC to stream his procedure

Will BRASCS 2023 feature simultaneous live surgery?

At BRASCS 2023, we have a spectacular live surgery with many surgeons from all over the world. We are going to feature the best surgeons working on the most challenging cases.

How will this technology impact the future of surgical education in Brazil?

Video is the way the world communicates today. Surgeons, professors, and those in residency must have that in mind and integrate video anytime they can. Sharing our findings from the field is how we continue learning from each other and advancing the science and practice of ophthalmology. Recording and sharing your surgeries are easy ways to show everyone what you’ve learned.

At Custom Surgical, our mission is clear: improving access to healthcare around the world. Read stories from other leading surgeons on the benefits of recording and sharing live surgery:

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