Your own microscope,

Be ready for anything

The most interesting cases appear on the field or when you don't expect them. Get the best quality recordings with an optical system that fits in your hand, and you can attach them in less time than you took to read this text.

Connect your work and save time

Forget about cables, computers, or USB devices. Your time should be spent on what really matters. Share your procedures with your colleagues, students, or other partners in two clicks.
Dr. Ike Ahmed, in Canada, mentoring Dr. Ticiana de Francesco, in Brazil.

Share your expertise with the world

Get all your procedures in your hands whenever you need them. Review as many times as it is necessary and track your progress. Or your students progress - at a distance if that's the case. That’s the medical technology you need.

You already have almost everything you need

01. Smartphone


02. Microscope or Slitlamp

Slitlamp or Microscope

The smartest solution

The perfect link

MicroREC is an optical system that allows you to connect your smartphone camera to your microscope or slitlamp.

Missing connection


Get the recording and training apps designed for doctors to be used for ORs and wet lab conditions. Medical technology that every ophthalmologist should have.

The unique experience of those who choose the future.

Work smarter, not harder

Now you can get the health information exchange you need, share content as efficiently as possible and show what you do the best. That's the medical technology it was missing in your medical routine.

With Custom Surgical

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If you compare, you'll see that MicroREC makes much more sense for you.

Feature ComparisonOther systems with CCD cameraOther systems with smartphones
Video Resolution up to 4K
Install it yourself
Take the system anywhere with you
Universal compatibility with any slit lamp and microscope
Compatible with any smartphone
Dedicated mobile applications

Companies and Institutions believing in us

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