Digital Transformation in Ophthalmology: Recording and Sharing Live Surgery

01 March 2023
Digital Transformation in Ophthalmology: Recording and Sharing Live Surgery

Digital Transformation in Ophthalmology: Recording and Sharing Live Surgery

Dr. Sunil Mamtora, an Ophthalmologist who works for the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom, describes how he uses medical technology to help democratize education in a quick and convenient way.

Dr. Mamtora is ane NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow and Ophthalmologist in Training in the Severn Deanery (England, United Kingdom)., He is a current National Medical Directors Clinical Fellow at the Royal College of Ophthalmologistsand honorary Clinical Lecturer, Bristol University and host of the Eye to Eye Podcast. He shares his work and research in the interest of broadening the accessibility of ophthalmic education in his Youtube and Instagram pages.

Q: What drives your passion for sharing ophthalmic procedures and democratizing education?

A: When I first started in ophthalmology, learning some of the clinical skills was challenging. When you sit down at the slit lamp, you’re expected to see clinical findings without really visualizing them. It can take a long time to learn how to use slit lamps and microscopes correctly.

Digitalizing these procedures provides that visualization, making the training so much easier. I’ve been able to teach some of my colleagues how to use the slit lamp in one day.

Q: Why and how do you record live surgeries?

A: I believe in consistent improvement -I record every surgery and watch it back afterwards with the aim to learn how I can improve for the next time. I use MicroREC to record my surgeries and having the videos recorded straight to my mobile makes it easier to view them afterwards and even share them with my colleagues if needed.

Microscope adapter for smartphone MicroREC installed in a leica microscope
MicroREC attached to a Leica Microscope
The application for ophthalmologists MicroREC patient session open
MicroREC app

I can share, stream, and transmit images on WhatsApp, or upload them straight to my Slit Lamp Studios YouTube channel without converting, compressing, and transferring the files using a desktop computer. I’ve shared live videos on Zoom using MicroREC as part of training courses and even supervised simulated cataract surgery remotely.

MicroREC makes the entire process much easier. I love having the best quality videos, and this system captures high-resolution photos and videos up to 8k.

Q: Don’t digital microscopes have recording capabilities built in?

A: Yes, you can press a button on your handpiece to record, but there are drawbacks. The video is not 4k and there’s less dynamic range. There are often issues with focus, centration, and white balance. It’s just inconvenient and adds more time to my workflow. I have to spend time converting files into other formats and merging segments together. The MicroREC produces the quality I’m looking for and it saves me time and effort.  It’s impressive considering the price point and level of quality.

Q: This repository of visuals sounds like a valuable reference for you and your colleagues.

A: Absolutely. Ophthalmology is a purely visual specialty, so high-quality photos and videos help people to see and understand complex scientific content that can’t be described in words. I’m always try to emphasise the importance of recording videos and reviewing them in the journey of becoming the best surgeon you can be.

“High-quality visualizations of ophthalmic imaging are fundamental in training. They help people understand complex scientific content that can't be described in words.”

 Ike Ahmed, ophthalmologist, in a surgery room
Dr. Sunil Mamtora

Q: In what areas of refractive surgeries are you focused these days?

A: I’m trying to be the best surgeon I can be, so I push myself to do more difficult cataract procedures. Earlier today I operated on a patient with a very dense white cataract. It was quite complex, but in the end, everything looked great.

Looking for a quick, easy, cost-effective way to digitize your microscope and share your findings? Try  MicroREC with a money-back guarantee, or reach out to explore how it may fit your surgical workflow.

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