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If you have any issues or requests about purchasing, product, or installation, you can find your answers below. Your question is not listed? Then text your local distributor or contact us through the form below.

You can buy directly from our e-commerce or through our official distributors, if the e-commerce is not available on your country.

We have distributors in more than 60 countries. You can ask as about the contact information for the distributor via Whatsapp here.


On average, we deliver all orders in 15 days.

Some orders from Asia and Latin America could take up to 30 days.

If you have not received a tracking number after 7 days,contact us here.

Yes, if you’re missing a beam splitter, universal smartphone holder, or any other accessories from our phone microscope adapter, you can order them through e-commerce or distributors.


The products are produced in Munich, Germany, because of the high quality materials and German lenses available.

A beam splitter is an attachment that captures a beam of light from a microscope and directs it to a smartphone, allowing for medical image recording.

Please see this video to learn more.

The beam splitter is usually located between the binoculars and the optics of the microscope or ophthalmic slit lamp.

It has either one or two ports to connect cameras or secondary observers.

If you are still not sure whether your microscope has one, you cancontact us and share a couple of pictures of your microscope.

We will be happy to let you know what type of system you need.

A universal smartphone holder allows you to use any smartphone with your MicroREC. Check it here.

Watch the video below to see how you can assemble and mount your universal smartphone holder.

You can also check out our user manual for detailed information.

The MicroREC digitalizes your microscope or slit lamp, enabling multiple applications. Some of them are:

- Telemedicine: share the image live with other doctors and discuss interesting cases, curate live surgeries in real time or receive advice from your mentors

- Personal branding: promote yourself by sharing content on your social media, record microscopy imaging to present in congresses, or share it online

- Self-improvement: review your procedures to improve technique

- Education: livestream medical imaging to your students or guide wet lab training remotely

- Remote support: if you offer technical support to doctors, you can enable your support team to remotely chat with doctors in the OR

- Legal reasons: keep the data of your surgeries to avoid legal issues in the future

You don’t need an engineer to install a recording system anymore. Watch the video below to install the MicroREC if you have a beamsplitter.

How to install the MicroREC without a beam splitter.

You can also read the detailed information about in your user manual.

The content of your package depends on whether you order a MicroREC with our beam splitter or if your microscope already has one, and you don’t have a need to order it from us.

Package content in case you order a MicroREC without our beam splitter.

1. Eyepiece

2. Eyepiece Cap

3. Universal Tube

4. Microscope / Slit Lamp Adapter

5. Adapter Cap

6. Universal Holder

- a. Universal Holder Knob

- b. Universal Holder Arm

Package content in case you order a MicroREC with our beam splitter:

1. Eyepiece

2. Eyepiece Cap

3. Universal Tube

4. MicroREC Beam Splitter

5. Universal Holder

- a. Universal Holder Knob

- b. Universal Holder Arm

We offer modular adapters that connect to > 90% of microscopic equipment and ophthalmic slit lamps in the market. You can check the list of compatible microscopes and slit lamps on this page

We cannot guarantee that it will connect to it. But you can check it further with our sales team to see if we have updated it.

The MicroREC app is our free mobile application that enhances your microscopy imaging recording experience.

The MicroREC app provides:

- Secure data storage for your medical photos and videos

- Correction for 90-degree rotation introduced by some optical systems

- Camera controls to better adjust medical image parameters while recording

- In-app gallery and media player

- Organize your images and videos into sessions

- Identify them with Patient ID, tags, and comments.

- Search quickly the file you want Download it for free now

Yes, you can.

Yes, it is.

Yes, it is completely free.

You can transfer your account to a new email address.

To do so, go to the EDIT PROFILE > write the new e-mail > EMAIL ADDRESS section > save changes.

After saving, you will receive a confirmation emailto ensure your new email is valid.

Confirm the new email - and you are good to go.

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As the cloud feature is still not available, you will need to download the videos before you change.

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Yes, they are open source files that you can download in your house with no cost.

You can download them here.

You can download in any 3D-printing company near you.

Alternatively, you can purchase ready-to-go printed files onShapeways.

Yes, please follow the following rules:

- Verify the physical integrity of the product before using it.

- Use it only indoors.

- Avoid exposure to the elements.

- Do not store in humid environments and avoid contact with corrosive liquids and materials, and oils.

- Do not disassemble any parts outside of the user manual specifications.

- Do not make any alterations to the product. This may disarrange the optical elements and affect the product’s performance.

- Do not place heavy objects on top of the product.

- Do not expose the product or any of its components to fire or high temperatures.

- Do not sit or stand above it.

- Keep out of the reach of children.

- Do not use excessive force when assembling the components, they are designed to fit appropriately.

If your MicroREC is always connected to your equipment, you should take it off and clean the lenses every couple of months.

If you disconnect the equipment often, you should increase the regularity of maintenance cleaning toonce per month.

To do regular cleaning, use a special optics cloth.

- Do not use any corrosive liquids or materials and oils for cleaning, only pure water in small quantities.

- Never touch the optics with your fingers.

- If the product comes into contact with abundant liquid, wipe it immediately with a soft cloth.

- If the liquid enters an unreachable surface, place the product so that the liquid may exit.

- Do not touch or directly manipulate the lenses, mirrors, or other optical components with your hands.

- If you detect spots, dust, or residue, use a soft cloth to clean the lenses.

Our optical systems do not get in direct contact with a patient, and therefore, they do not require sterilization.

After delivery, if you are not satisfied with the product, you have 14 days to claim a full refund of the purchase (no questions asked).

Additionally, all manufacturing issues reported within the first 2 years will entitle for a replacement or a fix at no extra cost.

Check all the information here.

You can check out our warranty terms and conditions on this page.

Make sure you have the following things before you claim your warranty:

1. Warranty activation card

2. Original packaging

3. The receipt of your purchase If you purchased the product through the authorized distributor

Please contact your distributor and follow their instructions. You can ask as about the contact information for the distributor via Whatsapp here.

If you purchased the product through customsurgical.co

Please contact us at support@customsurgical.co

Our optical systems do not get in direct contact with a patient, and therefore, they do not require sterilization.