Micro3D Kit for Leica microscopes

Capture medical imagery from Leica microscopes with your smartphone for free. The Micro3D kit allows you to place two smartphones simultaneously on the binoculars of a Leica microscope. You can capture microscopy imagery simultaneously from both oculars and create stereoscopic videos.

Leica 844 Leica M840 Leica M820 Leica Proveo 8 Leica M500 Leica M620 Leica M822 Other Leica microscopes using the same oculars
12.66 x 9.41 cm

3D-print files for adaptors You will also need smartphone holders additionally. You can find them in our store, through distributors, or in Shapeways. You can also purchase a ready-to-use Micro3D on Shapeways.


Capture stereoscopic microscopy imaging with this simple phone to microscope adaptor


The Micro3D optical system is lightweight and easy to carry with you anywhere

Durable and safe

PA12 is a robust polyamide material, which is chemically resistant, easy to clean, and safe to use in a medical environment

Recommended by surgeons

Developed by MedTech specialists with the needs of surgeons in mind, Micro3D is already being used by hundreds of surgeons worldwide

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We at Custom Surgical aim at democratizing medical software. Therefore, we create a lo t of open source projects that you can use, totally free. Our Micro3D Kit allows you to download and 3D-print a system to capture imagery from both oculars of Leica microscopes totally free.

We would appreciate it if you could share information about our Micro3D to help more people get access to it and support our mission of democratizing medical equipment. Our Instagram account for tagging is @customsurgical.

Download Micro3D kit files for free!

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    Check out our store on Shapeways for ready-to-use 3D-print products. Also, you can check Micro3D on Github.