MedSHIELD-19 for virus protection

Free 3D-print files that can be printed and attached to a snorkeling mask to be used for virus protection.

Subea EasyBreath, Zenoplige / Dolphino, Cressi, HJKB, QingSong
12.66 x 9.41 cm

3D-print files

About MedSHIELD-19

The crisis for medical supplies caused by the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic has made us at Custom Surgical focus primarily on helping to prototype, print and share devices that could help the first responders. We supported the initiative of Dr. David Kohn and Dr. Cristian Muñiz of turning regular snorkeling masks into protection masks by adding HME filters through 3D-printed adaptors.

MedSHIELD-19 is composed of 3 parts

Full face snorkeling mask: it’s not included in the 3D-print files, but commercially available
3D-printed adaptor: specific to each mask model and will be sent to you for free
HME filters: medical-grade filters used in anesthesia machines, usually available in hospitals. If you don’t have access to them, you can check options in the FAQs below or find them on GitHub, in other third-party projects.
If you don’t have a 3D printer, you can use one of the 3D printing services in your area or contact one of the volunteers listed below.

The 3D-print designs have evolved since their initial concepts and now we share with everyone the 3D models that we have adapted to use as extensions to common snorkeling masks. They can include 1 or 2 air filters for protection.

The designs can be customized depending on the size and specifics of any mask.

Share with others

We would appreciate it if you could share information about our MedSHIELD-19 to help more people get access to it and support our mission of democratizing medical equipment. Our Instagram account for tagging is @customsurgical. You can send us your suggestions or questions for the MedSHIELD-19 Mask Set at or you can print the proposed extensions with a 3D printer using the free models available.


Subea EasyBreath
Zenoplige / Dolphino

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Deutsche Welle

Nov 17, 2020

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April 07, 2020

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What type of filter can be used?

Currently, we have been using HME filters from Dräger, whose catalog can be found here. However, the coupling should work without any problem with other manufacturers, since it has been designed to couple with different filter sizes.

What is the duration of the filter?

The manufacturer’s recommendation is to replace the filter every 24 hours. The mask and attachment are reusable after going through a complete cleaning and disinfection process.

If I want to print the adapter, what settings do you recommend?

In order to maintain the impermeability of the piece, it is recommended to use ABS or PETG. Print at the maximum temperature allowed by the material and the lowest layer height.

How safe are these masks?

These masks do not have any type of safety certification or have been tested in laboratory conditions, they are an alternative to the current emergency and the problem of supply of masks.

Donating & Volunteering

Worldwide volunteers help fight the pandemic by printing and donating masks. A great number of volunteers from many countries have contacted us at Custom Surgical and offered to use their 3D printers for healthcare workers in their area. If you have a snorkeling mask and access to HME filters, but cannot print files by yourself, you can contact volunteers in your area and ask them for help.

3D print volunteers

If you have a mask you can use and access to HME filters, but do not have a 3D printer, we encourage you to connect with the contacts below, who offered to use their equipment to PRINT FOR FREE for those medical professionals in their area who need the adaptors.

Luciano Lobato Gregorio
Location: Sao Paulo
Luciano Rafael Papis
Location: Sao Paulo, Escola Castanheiras
Chi-Thanh Hoang
Location: Montreal

Contact e-mail:

Yan Volshteyn
Location: Montreal

Contact e-mail:

Brent Konantz
Location: Winnipeg, MB

Contact e-mail:

Location: Bogotá
Harold Vallejo
Location: Bogotá

Contact e-mail:

Juan Pablo Acosta
Location: Bogotá Barrio Santa Barbara

Contact e-mail:

Oscar Ruiz
Location: Bogotá

Contact e-mail:

Location: La Estrella, Antioquia

Contact e-mail:

Juan Sebastian Arbeláez
Location: Medellín

Contact e-mail:

Luis Trujillo
Location: Medellín
Martín Ortiz
Location: Medellín
Lucas Restrepo
Location: Cali
Alirio Jimenez
Location: Köln
Federico Acosta
Location: Munich
Location: Munich

Contact e-mail:

Andreas Roehr
Location: Ilmenau, Thüringen

Contact e-mail:

Viktoria & Patrick Oelsberg
Location: Ettringen
Atelier 3D Services
Location: Sangli District. Maharashtra
Location: Jl. Brojomulyo 165A, RT 05/RW 30 Gejayan, Condongcatur, Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta
Jose Ricardo Mucino
Location: Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua

Contact e-mail:

Location: Castellón

Contact e-mail:

Maskeperro Hacks
Location: Castellón

Contact e-mail:

Location: Ciudad Real

Contact e-mail:

Kanyuk Sergey
Location: Cherkassy

Contact e-mail:

James Torr
Location: Brighton

Contact e-mail:

Daniel Stone
Location: Brighton

Contact e-mail:

Daniel Maciel
Location: South Florida

Contact e-mail:

Andres Bernal (Bioniko)
Location: South Florida

Contact e-mail:

Yohan Rodrigani
Location: South Florida ( Miami )

Contact e-mail:

Matt Lonardo
Location: California

Contact e-mail:

Catherine Best
Location: Illinois

Contact e-mail:

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Contact e-mail:

G. Danny Peterson DO
Location: Dept of Anesthesia, University of Missouri

Contact e-mail:

Edmond Ying
Location: New Jersey

Contact e-mail:

Please share your information with us, we will contact you

If you want to collaborate with us or list yourself as a volunteer, feel free to drop us a line at



Please keep in mind that all projects presented here are not medically graded equipment, but an emergency alternative solution in times where virus protection is vital by any means!

Download MedSHIELD-19 3D-print files for free

Drop us your email and we’ll send you files that you can use to print MedSHIELD-19.