Beam splitter

Connect a smartphone to a microscope or slit lamp seamlessly with a MicroREC optical beam splitter. It attaches to a microscope or slit lamp, captures a beam of light, and directs it to the smartphone camera.


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In stock


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14-days “no questions asked” return period and 2-year warranty from manufacturing issues

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Produced in Germany

All parts of our microscopy imaging solutions are designed and produced in Germany

2-years warranty

Our products are backed with a 2-year warranty and a 14-days no-questions-asked return period

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Wide compatibility

Our beam splitters are compatible with many microscopes and slit lamps and can be seen as a more affordable alternative

Easy to Install

Enjoy the seamless process of installation which requires just a few minutes

About the product

An optical beam splitter is a specific attachment that allows medical imagery recording with a smartphone by splitting a beam of light captured by a microscope or slit lamp in two beams, one of which is directed to the smartphone. An optical beam splitter is a must when it comes to microscopy imagery recording.

Before ordering MicroREC, it’s important to know if your microscope / slit lamp has a beam splitter. To make sure, you can watch the video below or e-mail us a photo of your equipment to, so that we can advise you.

Many microscopes and slit lamps come with their own beam splitters (and you might already have one in your system). But, we created the MicroREC beam splitter as an affordable alternative to them. If your equipment doesn’t have a beam splitter to connect to MicroREC, you can order one directly from us.

What’s inside the box

A universal smartphone holder for a MicroREC, consisting of a sticker, eyepiece adapter, and O-Ring for distance spacing



  • Leica: M500, M501, M561, M220, M620, M822, M844, Proveo 8
  • Zeiss: Lumera 300, Lumera i, Lumera T, Lumera 700, Artevo 800, OPMI pico
  • ALCON: LuxOR
  • Takagi: OM-6, OM-9, OM-19
  • Zumax: OMS3200, OMS2360, OMS2380, OMS2350

Slit lamps

  • Kanghuaa: SLM-3X, SLM-4X, SLM-4ER, SLM-3ER, SLM-2X, SLM-2ER-L, SLM-2ER
  • Topcon: SL-D701, SL-D4, SL-D2, SL-D301, SL-2G, SL-D7, SL-2ED, SL-7E, SL-8Z
  • Zeiss: 100/16, 20SL, 30SL
  • NIDEK: SL1800
  • CSO: SL9900, SL9800
  • IBEX: 5-Step
  • MARCO: Ultra G2, Ultra G4, Ultra G5, Ultra G5-Zoom, Ultra M2, Ultra M3, Ultra M4, Ultra M5, Ultra B2
  • WOODLYN: HR3, HR5, SL9803x
  • ELAN: 3, 5
  • BURTON: 2000, SL-3MH, SL-3MZ, SL-860
  • S4OPTIK: SL-H3, SL-H5, SL-HZ, SL-Z3, SL-Z5, SL-ZZ, H5 Elite, MW-50
  • HUVITX: HS-5000, HS-5500, HS-7000, HS-7500
You don’t know what an optical beam splitter is? Watch the video for more information

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