MedSHIELD-19 helps overcome the PPE crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic in over 112 countries

In mid-March 2020, Custom Surgical founded the MedSHIELD19 project with the idea of turning regular snorkeling masks into protection masks by adding HME filters through 3D printed adaptors. This innovation was originally proposed by doctors David Kohn and Cristian Muñiz and was quickly embraced by healthcare workers worldwide. 

Our team at Custom Surgical worked on creating 3D print designs for snorkel masks adaptors and created a dedicated bilingual (English/Spanish) platform where these models have been made available for free. 

In addition to our own designs, we have encouraged collaboration and volunteering to make these solutions and others widely available everywhere. 

That’s how now we are able to offer on the platform 10 different adaptor models for 5 different snorkel masks models, with options to attach HME filters, 3M filters or NATO 40mm standard filters. 

In the past 3 weeks, the MedSHIELD19 online platform has received over 20000 unique visits, with a total number of over 3700 file downloads. 

The download forms on the website show that 9% of people downloaded for personal use, 42% for helping others with 3D print parts and 49% for use as medical professionals. 

The top ten countries with the most visits are the USA, Germany, Colombia, Russia, the United Kingdom, Chile, Mexico, Spain, Czechia and Poland.

We have encouraged people through our social media to volunteer and collaborate and we now list on our website 35 people who volunteer to print the adaptors in 12 countries, with emails incoming daily for more people that want to get involved.

We are developing further the MedSHIELD19 project and we ask all who want to contribute and help their communities to get in touch with us.

For more information, please contact: 

Federico Acosta, CEO, Custom Surgical