Open Source

We are on a mission to democratize medical equipment and make it more accessible. Therefore, we share some of our developments totally for free. You can download 3D-print files for these projects and print them with any 3D-printer in your area. We hope that we can help you in your amazing work of improving and saving human lives

We strive to better world

We would appreciate it if you could share and publicize information about our open-source projects. This could let more people access them but can also motivate our development team for new product designs.

Our Instagram account for tagging and sharing is @customsurgical

Feel free to order our ready-to-use 3D-print products on Shapeways if you don’t have a 3D-printer.

Open source projects



This Micro3D kit allows you to place two smartphones simultaneously on the microscope binoculars of a Leica microscope to record from both oculars and create stereoscopic videos.
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Free 3D-print files that can be printed and attached to a snorkeling mask to use it for virus protection.
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Free designs for 3D-printing to customize a snorkeling mask for virus protection - and donate to people in need.
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