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MicroREC with Beamsplitter included – optical device attachment to microscopes for video recording using smartphones


MicroREC is an innovative system that allows you to attach your smartphone to almost any microscope and use it as a video recording device. We created this solution together with engineers and ophthalmology surgeons and it is now being used by medical professionals in over 10 countries worldwide.

Perfect fit

Designed to attach perfectly to the most popular microscopic equipment on the market (Zeiss/Leica/Moller-Wedel) and work with the latest smartphones models (see Additional Information)

Cost efficient

Replaces the investments in additional expensive recording devices, that usually require new storing equipment and even technical assistance.

Beamsplitter INCLUDED

This set is designed to include a beamsplitter so it can adapt to any equipment that doesn’t have this feature already included.

Best optics

MicroREC uses the best lenses from Edmund Optics™, warranty that your device will have the best optical system possible.

Easy installation and use

It has 5 components that come together with your phone and microscope, ready to use in under 3 minutes (watch installation video).

Lightweight and portable

Due to its small size and weight (see specifications), you can take the MicroREC system with you and use it anywhere.

Our system allows you to take advantage of the high-resolution cameras and high-performance software available on smartphones.

The main benefits of this integration with MicroREC are:

High-quality video recording: supports up to 4K, depending on the smartphone’s camera capabilities

Cloud storage : you can easily upload the recorded videos to your dedicated cloud account

Connectivity : videos can be displayed in real-time on external screens (for example through AppleTV) or shared in webinars or live presentations through programs like ChromeCast

Editing : without the need to upload to a computer or install expensive software, you can edit your recordings directly on your smartphone using available video apps

Sharing : you can use your smartphone’s existing applications to post the videos online or share them with others

Video recordings of microscopic procedures are making a significant contribution to increasing the quality of medical services and supporting medical education and innovation.

With the help of MicroREC, you can create videos that can be used for:

Collaboration with other specialists, to offer your patients the best solutions

A complete medical history tracking for each patient, in addition to standard images and documents

Professional portfolio

Presentations or case studies for educational purposes (for patients or other medical professionals in conferences and events)

Additional information

Microscope Type

Leica, Zeiss, Möller-Wedel, Haag-Streit

Phone Case

Samsung S6, Samsung S7, Samsung S9, Samsung S9+, Samsung Note 8, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, Iphone 7/8, iPhone 7+/8+, iPhone X


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