Discover our new MicroREC ClickNFit design!

by Editor
July 14, 2020

We have made it even easier and faster to use your smartphone’s functionalities for capturing and enhancing microscopic procedures! We developed a new ClickNFit modular system for the MicroREC – the optical system that integrates your microscopic procedures with your smartphone. Our first MicroREC reached more than 24 countries. We were driven by the positive feedback and inspired to find new innovative solutions for our optical system to meet the highest standards of our clients.

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    From now on your MicroREC ClickNFit:

      • Captures your procedures at the same time as performing them, without occupying the oculars
      • Includes high-quality German optics
      • Uses corrective lenses for spherical and chromatic aberration
      • Facilitates video recordings up to 8K
      • Delivers precise alignment for focused high-quality imaging
      • Is easy to install (in under 2 minutes)

    The modular components of the MicroREC ClickNFit come together as one through magnetic gripping and precision click coupling without screws - providing stability, durability, safety, and accurate alignment between all pieces for high-quality imaging. Even more, it is not sensitive to bumping, so it doesn’t require any manual centration.

    Imaging captured from the microscope with the MicroREC ClickNFit can be instantly shared, organized, or streamed live. All MicroREC ClickNFit components are designed to be compatible with a wide range of smartphones and microscopes, so each system can be customized to your specific devices.

    Discover all the new features of our MicroREC ClickNFit here and get in touch for any questions or orders!

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