Digital Medical Education Under The Microscope

by Editor
October 15, 2020

Creating and sharing surgical videos has become an important part of medical education especially under the rise of a pandemic that limits our interactions to the online world. Even more, the restrictions of staying together in one lab, training or operating room pushed doctors to adapt and use online tools in new creative ways. The virtual medical community has grown and has become more active than ever before.

With smart innovative technologies like the MicroREC ClickNFit, medical education for microscopy procedures can be performed online, in the form of webinars with live surgery or examination streamed directly from the doctors’ smartphone.

MicroREC ClickNFit connects microscopes to smartphones. Doctors can use the phone’s apps to join online events and share live the high quality imaging. The doctor capturing the imaging can share his phone’s screen and all participants in the online event can visualize the procedure.

This innovative approach was adapted by OftalmoUniversity. They created a blended hybrid education system with the physical and online campuses coming together and hundreds of doctors worldwide joining live webinars and streamings.

When doctors or instructors stream imaging with a patient, they can mute all the participants in a webinar and manage their interaction after the procedure.

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    Apart from webinars, doctors enjoy a possibility to stream their surgeries live with a MicroREC ClickNFit from their phones directly on their social media, through tools like Instagram Live or Facebook Live.

    Thanks to its innovative modular structure, MicroREC ClickNFit can be used with a wide range of smartphones, microscopes and slit lamps. It can be installed and ready to use in minutes.

    Besides the online streaming opportunities, doctors use MicroREC ClickNFit to record their microscopy procedures with their smartphones, edit them, share them privately, or organize their work and upload to cloud storages, without having to rely on external devices or technicians to operate bulk recording systems attached to their microscopes.

    Medical education is enriched with new accessible MedTech solutions that involve simple devices like a smartphone in medical imagery recording and telehealth. With doctors worldwide coming together in the virtual space, we expect to see the medical digital revolution move at a higher speed than ever and enable new ways to promote excellence in healthcare, remote collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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