Custom Surgical launches the MicroREC App

by Editor
November 25, 2020

In November 2020, Custom Surgical launched the MicroREC App, a unique mobile application for managing medical photos and videos.

Earlier, Custom Surgical launched the MicroREC hardware solution for connecting diagnostic and surgical microscopic equipment to smartphones to capture high-quality imaging in a fast and efficient way.

The MicroREC system incorporates quality German optics, innovative engineering, and additive manufacturing, with a modular design that allows doctors to customize the device and achieve compatibility with a large number of microscopy, slit lamps, and smartphones.

Adopted globally by medical professionals in over 30 countries, the MicroREC highlights the need for a software solution on smartphones tailored to the specific requirements for capturing microscopy imaging.

The app enables doctors to capture images and videos from microscopes in the vertical or horizontal format, no matter the positioning of the system on the microscope equipment.

Even more, it gives them the ability to optimize the camera’s settings for high-quality imaging depending on the lighting conditions for each microscopy procedure and operating environment.

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    During COVID-19, medical professionals are embracing more than ever digital solutions that allow collaborations and continuous medical education, making this app a valuable tool for telemedicine, training, sharing on social media platforms and presentations in webinars.

    The app is now available for free on the iOS App Store and it is scheduled to have an Android version released at the beginning of 2021.

    About Custom Surgical

    Custom Surgical is a MedTech company based in Germany and ranked in the top 50 of the fastest-growing startups out of over 16000 by Glassdollar in 2020. The company develops smartphone-based optical equipment to create affordable medical devices, with a mission to provide accessible innovation in healthcare globally.

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