Dr. Ike Ahmed

Brief Description

Dr. Ike Ahmed,
Renowned ophthalmologist, researcher and innovator
Toronto, Canada


Dr. Ike Ahmed finds image capturing and sharing an incredible part of growing. In his view, it's important to record and stream surgeries to learn and teach others. Dr. Ike Ahmed is happy that MicroREC is resolving an important issue of access to image recording. 

You can often find him in the OR or watching surgeries from his cabinet in Canada and giving advice to his students from all over the world.
MicroREC app for medical imaging

Prof. Martin Dirisamer,
Anterior segment and cornea specialist
Linz, Austria


Prof. Martin Dirisamer uses MicroREC on a regular basis to record procedures in his clinic in Austria. He likes the ability to capture his procedures with a smartphone. Prof. Martin Dirisamer shares specific cases and surgeries with his colleagues or presents them during congresses. That’s why for him it’s important to be able to simply see his procedures on a smartphone and send them in a few clicks. He loves that MicroREC is easy to use with both slit lamps and microscopes, affordable, and gives high quality of video recording.
Dr. Ivo Ferreira from Oftalmo University uses MicroREC to teach his students

Dr. Ivo Ferreira,
Cataract surgeon and mentor, co-founder of Oftalmo University
Mexico City, Mexico


Dr. Ivo Ferreira works at Insitituto conde de Valenciana in Mexico City and Oftalmo University Campus Mexico City. His wish to be with people and have the ability to improve their quality of life brought him to ophthalmology. Except for his surgical practice, Dr. Ivo Ferreira co-founded Oftalmo University - ophthalmological hub for growth.

At Oftalmo University, they created a blended hybrid education system with the physical and online campuses coming together and hundreds of doctors worldwide joining live webinars and streamings.

This is where MicroREC helps. Dr. Ivo Ferreira uses MicroREC to record his surgeries in high quality, to teach at distance and to be able to do streaming of his surgeries. This way, especially during pandemics, he can educate young professionals and give them the ability to join surgeries in real time, as if students were present in the operating room.
MicroREC app for medical imaging

Dr. Bader Khayat,
Anterior segment surgeon,
Munich, Germany


Dr. Bader Khayat has been using MicroREC for more than 4 years. He loves the idea of having a portable device that you can attach to any microscope. He then can upload videos to his Youtube channel or share with his colleagues on LinkedIn.

He records his videos in 4k and totally loves the MicroREC app. It helps him take better videos in the operating room by adjusting focus and other settings.

Dr. Sunil Mamtora using MicroREC to record slit lamp videos

Dr. Sunil Mamtora,
Ophthalmologist, founder of Slit Lamp Studios


Dr. Sunil Mamtora loves technology. He thinks that ophthalmology has some of the best technology and gadgets on offer compared to any other specialty. As a technology enthusiast, he even used to assemble his own recording systems - until MicroREC helped to do this job for him. He was happy to find an affordable way to capture his slit lamp videos without having to rely on the hospital. Dr. Sunil Mamtora loves it that he can connect MicroREC to different slit lamps in 2 minutes and simply take it out in the briefcase when he’s done.

Dr. Sunil Mamtora later posts videos taken with MicroREC on his YouTube channel called Slit Lamp Studios. Also, he uses MicroREC for teaching. Some of the rooms in his hospital have TVs so he can transmit videos from MicroREC to teach other doctors, medical students, nurses and most importantly - the patients! Dr. Sunil Mamtora used to carry a live Zoom teaching session with live slit lamp examinations that was really well received.
MicroREC app for medical imaging

Dra. Ticiana De Francesco,
Fortaleza, Brazil


For Dra. Ticiana De Francesco, medical education is one of the strongest interests in life. She's been working as a staff ophthalmologist at Clinica de Olhos De Francesco, where she practices her glaucoma and anterior segment clinical and surgical skills. But also, she trains residents and fellows at Escola Cearense de Oftalmologia (ECO) and Hospital de Olhos Leiria de Andrade.

Dra. Ticiana De Francesco uses MicroREC on her microscope to record surgical videos and on her slit lamp to take photos and videos of interesting cases during her clinic. Also, during her fellowship at the University of Toronto, she was often using MicroREC to stream her surgeries in live to her mentor dr. Ike Ahmed, to get his advice in real time. Dra. Ticiana De Francesco loves the portability of MicroREC, so she can take it with her to her different workplaces. She believes that the high-quality image combined with the portability makes the MicroREC an excellent tool to register cases in the work daily routine.