13 Reasons why MicroREC Connect is the best platform for your ophthalmologic data

30 August 2023
13 Reasons why MicroREC Connect is the best platform for your ophthalmologic data

As healthcare technology advances at a rapid pace, there is a growing need for innovative solutions that can help medical professionals manage their patients’ records more effectively and collaborate with ease. That’s where MicroREC Connect comes in - a new data management platform that works hand-in-hand with the MicroREC App . It not only makes it easy to access patient information from any device but also offers a wide range of features designed specifically for healthcare providers. Here is a list of the reasons why MicroREC Connect is the right platform for you:

1. Multi-Platform Accessibility

MicroREC Connect is a data management platform integrated in the MicroREC App Pro. It is accessible through multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops, ensuring that doctors can access patient records and update information from anywhere with an internet connection.

MicroREC dashboard opened in a computer, a tablet and a smartphone at the same time
MicroREC Connect accessed through multiple devices

2. Easy to use

MicroREC Connect offers an intuitive interface, ensuring doctors can quickly adapt to the platform without extensive training.

3. Easy Data Organization

You can create patient sessions and assign each patient a unique ID. You can leave comments and add tags to easily find specific cases when you need them and track the progress of your patient’s treatment.

4. Timesaving

With MicroREC Connect, your media is automatically synced with the MicroREC App. This means that when you take a photo, it will immediately appear on the cloud without the need to transfer it to another platform or device. Simply start a new session and snap a picture directly through the MicroREC App to save yourself the extra steps.

5. Add Data Later On

If you forgot to use the MicroREC App to take your patient’s images, don’t worry! MicroREC Connect allows you to also add media later. You can even include important details like patient IDs, tags, and comments to keep everything well organized. You’ll be able to access it from all your devices as well!

6. Never Loose Data

By using MicroREC Connect, all your photos and videos are securely stored on the cloud. This means that if you lose your phone or switch to a new device, whether it’s a phone, tablet, or computer, your media will still be available to you.

7. Save Space

With MicroREC App Pro, you will never run out of space on your phone because your patient’s videos and images will be saved on the cloud, separate from your personal files.

8. Avoid a Poor Internet Connection

MicroREC Connect offers the convenient option of uploading media during nighttime. This feature helps you save on mobile data and prevents uploading during poor internet connectivity. It allows you to upload your media to the cloud when you’re at home or in a place with a stable internet connection. The app automatically turns off after the upload is complete, effectively saving your phone’s battery.

MicroREC App showing the night upload featureon the screen of the smartphone
The night upload feature that comes with MicroREC Connect

9. Security and Privacy

MicroREC Connect prioritizes data security and patient privacy, adhering to GDPR standards to safeguard sensitive medical information.

10. Real-time Collaboration

Are you seeking a second opinion on a patient’s health status? Simply share the link to a video or image of the patient with your colleagues. This way, you can collaborate and share patient records with other healthcare providers and specialists, promoting a unified approach to patient care.

11. Camera Settings

With the MicroREC App, you can easily control your camera’s settings while recording, which is unavailable in some default phone camera apps. It allows you to adjust brightness, white balance, contrast, and other features to capture the perfect image or recording.

12. Easy documentation

The MicroREC App makes documenting patient medical records more streamlined and efficient. It eliminates the need for manual drawings and significantly reduces the risk of losing important patient information or making errors.

13. Video Editing

For those who need to edit their videos for a conference or teaching purposes, the MicroREC App Pro - that comes together with MicroREC Connect - offers intuitive video editing tools. You won’t have to learn how to use complicated video editing software or transfer recorded videos to another device because the app works on your smartphone, where all your videos are stored.

MicroREC Connect is the perfect solution for enhancing data organization, streamlining documentation, and facilitating real-time collaboration - all while maintaining the highest standards of efficiency and security. It allows an effective healthcare management, freeing up more time for doctors to focus on their patients. If you’re unsure whether MicroREC Connect is right for you, take advantage of our one-month free trial to experience its transformative power for yourself.

You can start by downloading the MicroREC App for free

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