1st Ophthalmology #WebLab streamed LIVE with a MicroREC

by Editor
September 28, 2020

A new concept of Hybrid Blended Education from OftalmoUniversity is shaping the future of ophthalmology! The purpose of the #OUCampusCDMX is to merge the Virtual Campus and the On-Site Campus in order to offer a new way of learning, adapted for remote access to medical education through online tools.

The September 2020 Premiere brought together over 800 participants and top instructors from different countries, all connected via Zoom to join this first of its kind campus. The procedures performed on Bioniko eyes were streamed live during the webinar from smartphones connected to microscopes through MicroREC optical systems.

Thanks to German optics and innovative engineering, the MicroREC enables smartphones to capture high-quality images and videos from microscopes, so that doctors can stream them live in webinars, share with colleagues in online groups, messaging apps, or on social media, and even use them for telemedicine.

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    We were extremely happy to be a partner in this event and also to offer one MicroREC Kit as a prize in the contest held for the participants! OftalmoUniversity’s initiative is revolutionizing medical education in ophthalmology by involving top talents and technologies.

    We would like to congratulate OftalmoUniversity on bringing the concept of hybrid education forward and for the impeccable organization of a great webinar! We look forward to the next one!

    You can stay informed or learn more by visiting www.oftalmouniversity.com

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