This is why you should start recording your procedures

28 June 2022
by Stephanie Ramos
This is why you should start recording your procedures

Advancing the Future of Ophthalmology with MicroREC Optical Technology

Everyday MedTech’s and the use of the internet change how we practice and promote medicine and health. From simple actions such as receiving exam results on your mobile phone or having a second opinion from another colleague in real-time, technology is getting more present in our lives daily to improve it.

MicroREC is one of the changes that technology provides to improve the future of ophthalmology - we even presented 5 great ways to use it. Today, we will talk about why you should start recording your procedures using MicroREC.

Share MicroREC Pictures and Videos to Improve Patient Care

Are you trying to explain to your patients how procedures like cataract surgery and lensectomy are done? With MicroREC, you can create videos and photos that simplify your patient’s process, clearing up any doubts.

It’s also great for patients’ safety and doctors’ legal protection and can be used to have a patient history that can be easily accessed.

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Upgrade your microscopy experience with MicroREC, the phone adapter that uses German lenses for amazing picture quality. Experience uninterrupted work thanks to this sleek adaptor that won’t take up space in binoculars.

Revolutionize Medical Learning and Training with MicroREC

If you're also a med teacher, go beyond representations from books and bring real cases to classes. It's very easy to add photos and videos to presentations, stream them or send them to your students directly from your device. Here you can see an example of how Ophthalmo University uses MicroREC to teach residents worldwide with our optical system to live stream their classes.

Stream and Share MicroREC Recordings at Events and Conferences

Are you going to a congress or a medical event? You can also share with your colleagues and even present your own material as you prefer: creating your own material previously or live streaming.

Post MicroREC Pictures and Videos on Social Media

We know it’s getting more and more popular to use social media to advertise a business, from lawyers to writers. It wouldn’t be different with doctors - and that’s an excellent reason you should start recording your procedures. Once you have them, how about posting them on your social media professional profile?

Feeling ready to start? With our Custom Surgical app, you can create your own photos and videos in vertical or horizontal format, no matter the system’s positioning on the microscope equipment. You can use your MicroREC from microscopes such as Alcon, Zeiss, Leica, Zumax, Takagi, and Haag-Streit.

The best part is that our system offers you autonomy, as you can optimize the camera’s settings for high-quality imaging depending on the lighting conditions for each microscopy procedure and operating environment. Making a diagnosis using smartphones has never been so easy and efficient.

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